Times are changing “Quickly”

So, this is the first attempt at starting a blog. It will not be completely related to the internet or the business of Webscapes. What will it be? Why am I starting this?

This past week we saw some incredible developments in this country. The events have led me to leave the popular social media services of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I have kept my accounts at Parler and LinkedIn. As of today Parler is no longer available due to what I consider very poor business decisions from Amazon Web Services.

In any case, they can make their own choices. I will continue to voice my thoughts and opinions. It will require greater effort from those of us who consider ourselves “Conservative” or “Christian” or “Libertarian” to follow one another, but I have made the commitment to do so. I will check the web pages of those who’s information and values I trust and will spend time sharing the information I think valuable here with anyone who would like to follow.

That being said, you may add this blog to your feed or feel free to check back for updates. I love this country and the values and principles that have made it strong. Many have transitioned away from those values and principles and it is a shame.

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